The most important information is contained in the information systems your company already operates.

Do you get the most out of your data?

Do you use all the data from your information systems for your decision-making? Is this data easily and quickly accessible? Is your data credible and consistent for the managers across the company?

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a functioning company without an information system; it is quite common to operate several systems within one company at the same time. Over time, these systems generate large amounts of heterogeneous data that are used in routine operations. But getting a view of data from all operational systems at once can be a very complicated process that can take weeks for specific queries. In the meantime, the data becomes less up-to-date, the needs of the contracting authority may change and it is not ensured that the data is consolidated correctly. Data from operational systems usually provide only minimum information on the historical development (trend) of key indicators.

Data warehouse is the solution

Do you know such a situation? Data warehouse is the solution. It has data organized, consolidated, cleaned and optimized for further analytical work. A data warehouse can also serve as a base for fraud detection systems, data mining, etc. In all these cases, using a data warehouse will make the solution simpler, cheaper, more accurate and easier to scale. Any quality reporting system can be built on top of the data warehouse, which always outperforms the partial reporting outputs of operational systems in the price-performance ratio.

Data warehouse implementation

The basic prerequisite for the right operation and use of the data warehouse is correct and true data already at the level of operational systems (for example, errors in customer records cannot be corrected by simply loading them into the data warehouse). Of course, the process of designing and implementing a data warehouse is not only about data and technology, but mainly about the practical experience of the implementation team. We have already done a number of data warehouse implementations using different technologies. Our experts have a wealth of experience in this field. Are you sure you get the most value out of your data? We will show you how to do it.

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