Do you always see theright data you need?

In modern times, it is almost unimaginable to manage a company without a quality reporting system that provides reports with a precise format (suitable, for example, for financial statements), sales reports and other defined summaries of operational data. An integral part of this is the automatic sending of reports to recipients. Do you always see exactly the data you need?

Tools for reporting

In order to properly evaluate the development of a company's market position, managers often need insights into data that standard reports or operational systems do not provide. Waiting for an on-demand report from IT can waste valuable time on a key decision. Even without knowledge of data structures, high-quality analytical tools allow managers to analyse datain real time, to browse aggregated indicators into detailed values, look for deviations from normal, including determining their causes or predicting their development. Identify important trends through early data analysis!


Nowadays successful managers no longer rely on information and documents prepared by someone else. In order to effectively manage their company, managers need access to key indicators whenever and wherever they are. Dashboards bring together exactly the information managers need for their work in a clear form in one place.  At the same time, data visualization methods are applied in dashboards which guarantee faster orientation in the data.

Mobile Reporting

In today's dynamic times, successful managers have to also make decisions in situations other than when sitting in their office in front of a computer. Do you always have a good basis for such decisions? Do you want to use your time efficiently while waiting for a meeting to start or at the airport?

To have up-to-date information, to know the status of key indicators or to know the development of sales in their area is a daily need of managers today. In today's world, where information is mediated by the ubiquitous internet, it is much easier to know everything you need to make the right decisions. Developments in IT have moved on - to address the form of information provided. Through mobile technology, it is possible to connect directly to business systems or view key indicators via the Internet. But information on mobile devices is not always clear and legible.

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