Managing company performance and efficiency - profitability management and cost allocation

To our clients, we bring knowledge of cost allocation methodologies and provide them with advanced tools that can process large volumes of data in real time, yet can be controlled and configured in user-friendly environments.

Current situation

Currently, it is not sufficient to manage companies with only an assessment of their overall profitability. Companies often produce many different products, provide many different services to different clients, and use different resources. A company's overall economy numbers may look good, yet they may hide inefficiencies in the production of a particular product, inefficiencies in providing a particular service to a particular customer segment, or inefficiencies in the use of certain resources. Determining profitability at the level of products, customer segments or production resources is crucial, but often very complex and costly without the use of modern tools.


Modern tools make it possible to allocate costs (but of course also revenues) so that each product or each client of the company has all indirect costs associated with it. Everything is done very quickly even with large volumes of data that would be impossible to process in other systems. Users do not need to have any special programming training to change the settings of allocation rules and keys.  As a result, the company can efficiently determine the profitability of products, customers or the profitability of the use

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