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In recent years, the trend has been the growth of regulatory requirements for business activities. Businesses, especially larger ones or those with dispersed ownership, create a variety of documents and reports.

Smart Notes

Smart Notes

This tool enables reducing manual work in the creation of documents and focusing on the quality of their content.It supports the entire production process from the initial data collection to the publication of the final document/report.

SmartNotes offers automated linking to data sources, control of timing, content and scope of individual imports. Imported data is integrated into a centralized database, ensuring consistency and providing a "single source of truth". Data can also be conveniently audited.

SmartNotes supports collaboration between document authors through workflow. Processes and their individual steps can be easily defined.Access rights can be assigned to users or groups of users for each step and document. Rules for working with data contained in internal regulations can thus be implemented.

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Built-in XBRL features allow you to create XBRL reports as soon as the primary document is published.This saves time in creating reports in XBRL format and reduces the error rate. Regulatory authorities are working to standardise the formats of required reports. To this end, the XBRL language and its use for formatting various documents has been developed. AMANA is responding to this trend by offering the XBRL Tagger tool which enables the preparation of annual reports of publicly traded companies tagged according to the ESEF taxonomy. Combined with SmartNotes, XBRL Tagger enables the creation of financial statements directly in iXBRL.

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ESG Reporting

ESG is part of non-financial reporting. According to current assumptions, the new directive (CSRD) will come into force from 1 January 2025, but it will apply already to the fiscal year 2023. In the annual report for 2023, companies with over 250 employees and a turnover of over EUR 40 million (approx. CZK 1.3 billion) will have to report, in addition to the traditional financial statements, how their operations affect the environment, what carbon footprint they produce or what impact they have on society.

The ESG reporting solution guides you through the processes of collecting and calculating the necessary data. It will also provide a workflow for collaborative document creation. Once created, the document can then be created automatically with data that will be updated directly from the company's source systems such as accounting systems, ERP, etc.

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