Is historical data valuable to your business?

Is the fear of losing them an obstacle for you to implement the new system? Would you like to use historical data in the new system, but is the lack of quality preventing you from doing so?

The need for data migration arises when banking, production or accounting systems, databases or data storage systems are changed. To ensure a smooth and trouble-free start-up of the new system, it is necessary to ensure the transfer of the original data. The requirement of most companies is to provide a data migration solution so that after the introduction of a new system there is no need to operate the original systems simultaneously.

Our experts have experience in many migration projects on different technologies. We will be happy to help you ensure that the data migration fulfils its purpose and the start-up of the new information system goes smoothly.

Recommended data migration procedure

Data migration has to cope with the transformation of data between different systems, structures, technologies and formats. Based on our experience from implemented data migration projects, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Definition of export
  2. Data analysis
  3. Validation and cleaning
  4. Migration
  5. Verification and handover

Key points in the process

Following this procedure ensures that the key points of the process are clearly identified in the early stages of the migration project. These include:

  • Scope of migrated data - almost everything can be migrated, but it is necessary to determine the limit of efficiency and economic profitability of migration
  • Data integrity across multiple systems when data from multiple systems are merged into one as part of a migration
  • Requirements for validation in the new system that the existing data will not satisfy (validation against new code lists, address registry, etc.)
  • Technological aspects, performance, the need to migrate data once in a relatively short time
  • Need for repeated or incremental migration
  • Migration from distributed data sources

Specification of these points is crucial for the success of the entire data migration. The actual implementation of the migration follows the defined procedure and further develops it in accordance with the technology used.

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