Find valuable information that is hidden in your data

Advanced and predictive analytics go beyond the traditional BI practices and aim to find information that is not explicitly contained in the source data.

Typical advanced analysis tasks
  •  E-shop data analysis
  •  Customer segmentation
  • Predicting customer decision-making based on demographic and past purchase data
  •  Identification of unusual patterns of behaviour or fraudulent behaviour
  • Support for internal audit activities
  • Predicting employee departures based on information that includes demographics, employment history and other information available to the employer
  • Prediction of failures and rejects in production based on historical data and sensor data
  • And much more
What we base it on

Advanced and predictive analytics rely on techniques of mathematics, statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
In recent years, the name Data Science has been applied to the entire field, which deals with the use of advanced data analysis using the principles of mathematics and statistics together with modern computational methods for the purpose of solving business tasks.
The correct definition of the task to be solved with a clear link to the business case is crucial for the success of projects of this type. The link to the business case is a pillar of the project and is crucial for the selection of analytical procedures, their evaluation and application of the results. Our experience allows us to efficiently select the appropriate tools and optimal models for the task at hand.

Data preparation

A key phase of any analytical project is data preparation. This phase is usually significantly more time consuming than the actual development of the model. Here our company builds on many years of experience in data profiling and data integration.
Sophia Solutions was among the first vendors in our market to focus on developing skills in advanced and predictive analytics.  We currently have a team of experts with hands-on experience from projects in many fields and knowledge of the main technology platforms for Data science, such as SAS and IBM SPSS and R, Python and others.

Advanced analysis for e-shops

We will help you:
• identify sales trends and enable you to focus on the right products
• clearly show the relationship between product sales to increase sales success
• determine the right time and product for each customer for maximum sales
• get the most out of your data and advise on what data to collect for greater success.

By analyzing the contents of shopping carts, we are able to provide better suggestions for cart additions, increase the average size of shopping carts, increase the reach of your offerings, and thus increase overall revenue.

Are you involved in marketing and not getting enough feedback? Are you struggling with optimizing inventory levels? Do you want to avoid temporary product unavailability or unnecessary inventory clutter? We can effectively advise you on how to do so.

And can we express it technically? Yes, we have a department of mathematicians and statisticians for that. Advanced data analytics refers to all mathematical and statistical methods that lead to a deeper understanding of data. Using these methods, we are able to "mine" information from data that is hidden to humans. We will help you better understand your customers and business characteristics, providing you with data for quality business management.

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