Bezedná miska s.r.o. - case study

Bezedná miska is an online shop for dog and cat food and pet supplies. Its owners, who are breeders themselves, strive to select a quality range for their customers. Thanks to this effort and their professional approach to running the store, they have managed to occupy an important place in the market in the food and pet supplies segment.



Recent years have brought rapid growth to many e-shops. This often leads to a bottleneck where one of the processes or technology systems in use is no longer sufficient for the increasing volume of orders.

The ability to change, update, redesign a given processis then one of the essential factors for continued operation and growth.

Among other things, our customer had been struggling with:

- The complex evaluation of increasing amounts of data using ad hoc database exports and excel processing had been proving unsatisfactory and it had been difficult to find answers to simple questions about the company's operations:

  • How many customers are repeat buyers and how much sales volume do loyal customers generate?
  • How do the sales dynamics of specific products change over different time periods?
  • How many units of a particular product arrived at the warehouse in a given time period?

- Complicated order management in cases where the required goods had not been immediately in stock, non-formalised access when there had been a certain amount of orders it stopped being processed.

- Ineffective email marketing system. Offers that had not been sufficiently tailored to the specific customer did not reach recipients.

These problems were addressed in several deliveries of a reporting system,an order queue management system, and an email marketing optimization system.


Datamart with customized reports
Sophia Solutions consultants analyzed the Company's information requirements and data sources. Based on this analysis, we designed and developed a light-weight reporting solution, using the MariaDB database as the technological basis of the datamart and the Shiny library as the basic element of the front end. The use of open-source software proved to be sufficiently robust and flexible, and ultimately enabled us to deliver an advanced solution at an affordable price.

System for order queue management
We created a system that, based on the defined criteria, allowed monitoring of the order queue in the operating system, including sophisticated monitoring of order statuses in relation to the availability of individual items and the selected form of payment and transport. Along with the order queue tracking, we developed an efficient system for managing orders that require other than completely routine actions - e.g. contacting the customer or selecting a future date when the next status check should take place by an e-shop employee.

Optimization of marketing emails
We prepared a pilot solution to replace the existing flat marketing mailing with targeted messages based on products that the customer bought in the past and the behaviour of other customers who also bought the product. Addressable messages will enable the conversion of more one-off and occasional customers into regular customers.


The delivered solutions enable our customer to:

  • Quickly get information about the company, products and customers, which is crucial for operational and strategic management of the company.
  • Better process large quantities of orders and thus open the way to further growth and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Better reach customers with relevant marketing offers

Technology: MariaDB, R, Shiny