Our solution for CIMEX GROUP

Last year, we received an inquiry from our customer, CIMEX GROUP, among others, the hotel and resort network operator OREA HOTELS & RESORTS, to resolve the following requirements:

👉Prepare a comprehensive analysis of booking data including forecasting
👉Provide this analysis using well-known and already used tools (MS Excel)
👉Make subsequent data available for other reporting tools (Power BI)
👉Deal with upcoming booking system migration

Sophia Solutions:
As a common data source for ad-hoc analysis, an OLAP "cube" in SSAS was produced to cover the analytical needs of bookings (length of stay indicators, statistics of recurring stays, outlook for the next months, statistics of cancellations, visitor demographics, booking sources, etc.). An analytical Excel was created for this OLAP "cube" and was positively received by management as a familiar environment. At the same time, an OLAP model was also handed over for reporting in PowerBI, which the customer creates internally.
The OLAP cube of bookings is filled from a dimensional model of the data warehouse. This model was also modified during the project implementation and the source replaced by another booking system technologically built on the streaming of JSON files containing data on reservation changes. The architecture was built so that the dimensional scheme and OLAP cube were not structurally affected by the migration of the new booking system.

Benefits for the client:
💡Universal analytical model for booking area independent of booking system
💡Fast support for hotel management, which can predict traffic based on trends and forecasting and adjust the marketing strategy accordingly
💡Analysis of booking data using a tool commonly used by management without the need to familiarize with the new tool
💡Universal analytical model contains a unified view of booking data
💡Possibility of connection from PowerBI