Baťa, akciová společnost - case study

BAŤA, a joint-stock company, is one of the most important Czech companies. Its success in the Czech Republic and the world is mainly associated with the production and sale of footwear, whose unbroken tradition of production in the Czech Republic has lasted since 1894. Worldwide, the company employs more than 50,000 people in 78 countries. The number of own stores exceeds 5,000. The company produces over 300,000 pairs of shoes per year and sales exceed 400,000,000 pairs of shoes per year. The company is still owned and managed by the Baťa family.


The solution enabling efficient analysis of company data and quick and easy creation of reports, from which the company management prepares daily plans and predicts costs.

  • The existing reporting did not provide enough analytical functionality, did not allow self-service, was too static and any change to the reports was difficult.
  • Costs were difficult to plan in the Pricing Model.
  • The performance set at the compute time limit did not provide a sufficient time window to populate the data warehouse (DWH)

Improved operational efficiency including supply chain management.
More accurate prediction of customer demand considering seasonality and location.
Increased customer satisfaction.


One of the deciding factors for choosing the Oracle technology was the provision of the corporate standard for the databases since 1992 and the European standard for POS - Oracle Retail POS.

Another major factor for the decision was the existing Oracle DB-based ERP system for manufacturing, which has helped manage the production of 200,000,000 pairs of shoes in 20 plants.

Oracle also provides a clearly defined pricing model and easy scalability of the solution. The administration of the environment could be outsourced. Thanks to the cloud technology, the service can be accessed anywhere and anytime, which was one of the requirements.

Oracle Data Integrator was chosen as the platform for data integration by connecting to Baťa's source systems. It processes and stores the acquired data in a relational database, thus fulfilling the analytical data warehouse (datamart) which is hosted in the cloud and on top of which the analytical platform itself runs. This analytical platform is then used to prepare individual reports that form the basis for further strategic planning and decision-making by Baťa's management.

The extension to the Oracle Retail platform is intended to help increase the operational efficiency of more than 5,300 brick-and-mortar stores in 70 countries. The solution will also be used to modernize the supply chain, reduce investment in excess inventory, and increase individual margins. The solution can provide a detailed view of customer preferences and demand at the individual store and country level, enabling better prediction of customer demand and increased customer satisfaction with the availability of goods in brick-and-mortar stores and e-shops.


Reporting and cost forecasting

  • Quick creation of key reports and a predictable cost model without the need to work with data analysts thanks to self-service functionality
  • Competitive advantage in the form of rapid reconfiguration and sizing of the solution
  • Savings of 25-30 percent in operational costs for reporting due to easier data integration of systems using Oracle Data Integrator and the overall concept of the Oracle solution in the cloud (favourable billing model, clearly predictable costs in case of the data model and reporting extension)

Financial, business and marketing planning

  • More accurate financial planning and promotional planning at the local and global level
  • Real-time inventory optimization and visibility of current inventory levels
  • Predicting seasonal sales with regard to seasonality and location

Customer experience

  • Increasing customer satisfaction

User experience

  • Easier administration
  • New technologies still available
  • Support from the provider's specialists
  • Flexible solutions without limitations
  • Fast user training thanks to a familiar and comfortable user environment

Technology: Oracle cloud Database, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Analytics cloud