PPF banka a.s. - case study

PPF banka a.s. is part of the PPF international investment group. PPF Group N.V. holds 92.96 percent of the bank's shares, while the City of Prague holds another 6.73 percent.

 The bank primarily focuses on providing financial, investment and advisory services and private banking. Its clients include mainly financial institutions, medium and large businesses with Czech capital and municipal entities.


The client was dissatisfied with the previous solution provider for a long time and approached us with the requirement to deliver another increment of the data warehouse to compare both solutions and services in terms of price, quality, flexibility, methodology, development method, optimization, agility, adaptability, feasibility. Subsequently, it was also required to develop reporting in Oracle BI, including the creation of business models, and for the delivery of data warehouse support and development capabilities.


For this project, we deployed our experienced consultants who already had extensive experience with similar clients. Their professionalism convinced the client to sign a long-term service contract with Sophia Solutions.

Their knowledge of data warehousing principles, Oracle BI reporting and banking know-how was the experience that helped us to win this important client.

A large part of the project is also related to the integration of the new CRM with the data warehouse. Most of these outputs are used directly by the finance and controlling department and the CFO, so there is a strong emphasis on their accuracy and up-to-dateness.

Linking data from the primary banking systems, CRM and other applications allows the client to have a broader view of the bank's customer than was previously possible.


Quick creation of key reports.

Agile expansion of data warehouses to new areas.

Operational cost savings by outsourcing services.

Data warehouse development

  •     Unified data, accessible across the entire company.
  •     Better decision support at all levels of management.
  •     Reduction of time and labour to prepare standard reports.

Technology: Oracle Database, Oracle Business Intelligence, Pentaho